Fyzuntu Games Limited is a small independent company founded in 2013. Our mission is to help families and friends have fun together through social interaction in play.

There’s always fun in Fyzuntu!

 Fyzuntu  has its origins in a fast moving dice game based on the numbers five and two.

In line with our mission, we moved away from the initial development of Apps. We now concentrate on the development and publication of family dice and board games.

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All our new and future products will have been tested at major games expos and are available from Amazon.

You can purchase The Fyzuntu Burger Dice Burger from Amazon in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The United Kingdom.

Fyzyzuntu Dice Game Burger fro Amazon

The Fyzuntu Dice Burger Game
The Fyzuntu Dice Burger Game ©2015 Fyzuntu Games Limited.


Fyzuntu Burger Dice Game contents
Contents of the Burger with specialised dice, joker tokens and how to play.

   Some reviews;

Mark E August 13, 2017 
Great Little Family Game 

Great game for kids and adults alike. My son and daughter add up quicker whilst still having fun and the adults enjoy the challenge of “staying alive” with a role of the dice. Bonus is the burger can also be used as a trinket box.

Great little game to keep the family amused. great family fun

Jane C

“Joyce loves playing our monthly game, always asks every Sunday if its time to play again. 91 years of age, just shows its a game for all ages!!”


“Fantastic game that always creates lots of laughs and fun in our household. Great game that anybody can play and pick up quickly. Love it!”

by evans6477 -14 May, 2017 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Great family game
Purchased this game as a present for my son at Christmas and have had great fun playing it with the whole family. My sons are 6 and 11 and they love it! Easy to pick up, easy to play and very addictive!

Some of Our Players

Players ranging from 6 to senior citizens from across the world  play regularly in the Fyzuntu International League.


The original Fyzuntu Team, The UK All Stars
The UK All Stars with their prizes for winning The Titanic Competition
As you can see the game appeals to players of most ages. in particular IT provides opportunities for younger players to delight in beating older players and equally for older players the delight of  being beaten by the younger members of the family
The Cameron Cougars
The Cameron Cougars on a roll!

Additrapp Galactic is available from Amazon at; http://amzn.to/2EchXox

The Additrapp Galactic Box from Fyzuntu Games
The final version of the Additrapp Galactic Box


Additrapp Galactic Contents by Fyzuntu Games
The Additrapp Galactic Playing Parts

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