September news update; the 2018/2019 season got under way in August. The Cameron Cougars proved how fortunes can change in Fyzuntu. As last year’s winners of the Titanic competition, they crashed out first this season; sorry Cougars!

The Cameron Cougars

For other positions in the competition,Titanic Competition

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In the League, Gman, the current UK Fyzuntu Champion, produced an outstanding round of 160 points for The UK Rhinos, finishing with a total of 329 points. This gave Gman entry for the 4th time into the 300 Plus Club and makes him PLAYER OF THE MONTH.

The 2018 Fyzuntu Champion
The 2018 Fyzuntu Champion
The Hong Kong Phoenix top the League Table with 10 wins and 2 draws. The UK All Stars, the current champions also started well with 9 wins. 

All the team results can be seen by clicking here;League results

For League players, who cannot believe how their teams did not do better based on the points they scored, we have introduced  a detailed score sheet for the first time. If there is sufficient interest, we will try to improve scrolling down the scores Monthly match scores

For your team’s rankings Team Rankings

The quarterly Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge Trophy will begin again in September.

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