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  • Fyzuntu Burger Includes customised Fyzuntu dice, Joker dice and tokens
  • Family game for 2 or more players ages 6 to 99 +
  • Play lasts about 30 minutes
  • Great for travel
  • Burger are innovative dice shakers


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The Fyzuntu Burger Dice Game

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The Fyzuntu Burger Dice Game


Play the Fyzuntu  Game, a fast-paced anytime, anywhere game, keeping family and friends closer. Regular play helps with mental maths. Chances of winning can swing quickly from high to low and back again as the excitement mounts with every roll of the dice. The game is stored in a burger bun, which double as a dice cups. Each round of play lasts as long as players have some Fyzuntu dice left. The Joker improves your scores or sometimes those of other players. The burger is compact and light enough to carry anywhere. How to play in 5  languages including, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish on this site. 

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For Playing Tips please see https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-dice-game/fyzuntu-for-europe/uk/playing-tip/


  1. Mark E

    Great Little Family Game
    Great game for kids and adults alike. My son and daughter add up quicker whilst still having fun and the adults enjoy the challenge of “staying alive” with a role of the dice. Bonus is the burger can also be used as a trinket box.
    Great little game to keep the family amused. great family fun

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is a great game, fast fun and a great way to challenge adults. Ideal for taking on holiday. The burger is very useful and fun.

  3. Jane C

    Joyce loves playing our monthly game, always asks every Sunday if its time to play again. 91 years of age, just shows its a game for all ages!!

  4. bullseye544

    Fantastic game that always creates lots of laughs and fun in our household. Great game that anybody can play and pick up quickly. Love it!

  5. Mrs M Evans

    Love playing this game.My grandchildren love playing this fast moving dice game

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