Calculations of Player and Team rankings explained

Calculations of Player and Team Rankings

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2 game points are gained by each player with higher points than their opponent rolled in a 4-round game. A bonus point is scored for the highest round. If a player scores over 200 points, the opposing player gains one additional  point. They will gain a further point is if the player scores over 300 points. A score must be higher to gain the points. A total score of 5 points is possible.  

The number of points earned each month is divided by the number of games played and multiplied by 100 to produce the Players Ranking.

The player who is at the top at the end of the season becomes the PLAYER OF THE SEASON.

Player and Team Rankings

The points earned by the team are added together each month. The accumulated total is divided by the number of games played in the season and multiplied by 100. Thus, a team joining the League between August and November is not disadvantaged,

The team ending the season, which runs from August to the following April, become the LEAGUE CHAMPIONS.

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