International League Match Guidelines

International League Match Guidelines – A Guide for Players.

The Fyzuntu International League Match Logo  

Teams  play at any time of the month.

League games are played over four rounds. 

The team completes the on-line form at;

We calculate the results of all matches played. Thus, a team plays one game and their scores will be input against all the other League teams.

 Players score as follows against their computer selected opponents;

  • Higher Game score = 2 points
  • Higher Round Score = 1 bonus point
  • Equal Scores in Rounds or Games = No points to either player.
  • If a player scores over 200 points, the opponent will receive +1 game point,
  • If a player scores over 300 points, the opponent will receive +2 game points,

The total of each player’s points (maximum 5 per player) are added up to provide the team score.

When a team does not submit results, players will not be eligible for Player of the Month, their scores will show as 0 in the Maltese Mushroom Challenge Trophy and the team will be eliminated from The Titanic Competition.

We publish the results as soon as possible e.g., 

  •  Summary Match Results and Match Scores
  • The League Table 
  •  Players’ Rankings 
  • Player of the Month
  • The Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge Trophy
  •  Titanic Team Competition

The results are for solely for fun and based on trust.  Anyone can request a copy of the previous month’s detailed scoring.

To keep up with League news and updates please complete


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