What happened in October 2017 and what we hope will happen next.

The Fyzuntu Dice Burger
The Fyzuntu Dice Burger

The Fyzuntu Dice Burger is available on Amazon throughout Europe. Please see   https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-dice-game/fyzuntu-for-europe/ .  We have restocked once again to meet seasonal sales.

The Additrapp Galactic Box
Additrapp Galactic

Additrapp Galactic may not reach  Amazon in time for Christmas but we are working closely with the manufacturers to speed up delivery and make it generally available. We are also considering launching the game on a stand at The UK Games Expo next year (https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk).

The Fyzuntu International League

The biggest wins (7 -1) were recorded by The Cameron Cougars against The Saxon Spears and the Albion Eagles. The Welsh Longbows achieved a similar score against The Hong Kong Dragons.

The Cameron Cougars in action
The Cameron Cougars in action

A summary of all October’s results and all the full scores are at;


There are five pages to scroll down!

Team Rankings

The UK All Stars the 2016/2017 League Champions, moved up two places in the rankings with 472 points  and returned to the top of the October League Table. The Welsh Longbows and the Hong Kong Dragons are close behind with 453 and 450 ranking points respectively.

See the latest  League Table is at;


Player of the Month and Player Rankings

Player of the Month was Jimmy of The Cameron Cougars. He rose ten places up the rankings. 

Player of the Month, Jimmy - The Cameron Cougars
Jimmy – The Cameron Cougars

However at the top of the October Players’ RankingTable was Emilybelle, UK All Stars, who rose one place in the standings with 294 ranking points.

Top of the Player's Rankings
Emilybelle – The UK All Stars

She is followed by Philco, Hong Kong Dragons on 253 points and Markymarky, Saxon Spears, on 250 points.

The full table can be seen by clicking on the following link;


The Titanic Competition

The Titanic Competition

This month saw the loss of The Hong Kong Phoenix from the Competition with a combined score of 269 Points.

The Hong Kong Phoenix Team Icon
The Hong Kong Phoenix

The top three are The UK All Stars, last year’s winners, The Cameron Cougars and The Welsh Longbows, all with an Octoberscore of over 400 points.

The full table at;


The Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge Trophy

After three months of results the winner of this quarterly challenge is none other than the currently top performer,  Emilybelle;

Latest winner the Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge Trophy
Emilybelle – The UK All Stars

Philco, Hong Kong Dragons and Sam, The Burnham Basilisks, came second and third respectively.

Sam - Burnham Basilisks - 3rd in Maltese Mushroom Trophy
Sam – Burnham Basilisks
Philco 2nd in Maltese Mushroom Challenge Trophy
Philco – The Hong Kong Dragons







The full table can be seen at;


The next quarterly challenge will start in January 2018.

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