Fyzuntu in September 2017

What happened in September 2017 and what we hope will happen soon.

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Fyzuntu Keeping Family and Friends Closer
Keeping Family and Friends Closer

The Fyzuntu Dice Burger has now been made available on Amazon throughout Europe. Please see   https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-dice-game/fyzuntu-for-europe/ .  We undertook essential restocking in September,

The Fyzuntu Dice Burger


In September, we employed The Searainbow Group Ltd to manufacture  our forthcoming game, Additrapp Galactic. It is just possible that it may be available for Christmas.

Additrapp Galactic Game
Prototype V3
Additrapp Galactic Game
Prototype V3








In Additrapp Galactic, players calculate  the strategic placement of numbered tiles around the planets in our solar system. The goal is to create unbroken lines of numbers to obtain the greatest value in Orbit currency. Facts about the planets and recommendations for further digital exploration are incorporated into the playing parts. The game encourages healthy brain activity and, when played in teams of two, co-operative strategic decision making. The rules are simple but the play can be as complex as the players make it. 

  • International League

The Highlight of September was the 92nd birthday of our long standing Fyzuntu League Player, Joyce. Joyce is seen below with fellow team player, Kim of the Generation Gap. They celebrated her birthday with champagne, chocolate and of course a game of Fyzuntu along with The Cameron Cougars, who they beat 6 -1.


Joyce and Kim of Generation Gap
Joyce and Kim of the Generation Gap League team.

Many happy returns Joyce

  • A summary of the month’s results and the full scores
Monthly scores and more
Summary of match results and scores
  • Team Rankings
Positions of teams in the Fyzuntu League rankings
Team Rankings

Hong Kong Dragons top the Table! 

Hong Kong Dragons
Hong Kong Dragons Team Icon

Where are the League Champions, The UK All Stars? Maybe not far away! Saxon Spears giving chase too!

Check out;


  • Player Rankings
Positions of players in the Fyzuntu League Rankings
Player Rankings

Four Players rise up 7 places or more in the table. Three Players drop more than 10 places. Rankings vary between 313 and 71 ranking points.



  • Player of the Month
Fyzuntu League Player of the Month
Player of the Month

This player has been player of the month before. To see who, why and how, go to;


Here’s a clue;

The Generation Gap icon
Generation Gap Team Icon
  • The Titanic Competition 
The Titanic Competition - September 2017
The Titanic Competition

Yet another team is lost from the competition. They Join the Albion Eagles with a score of 228 points. Oh well, there’s always another season. How close were the other teams?


  • The Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge Trophy 
The Maltese Mushroom Challenge Trophy - September 2017
The Maltese Mushroom Challenge Trophy

Just one month to go in this quarterly competition.

Yes, just one Month to go! Who is in with a chance of winning this quarterly challenge. Is there a prize? Who knows?

Check out:


  • …….and Finally

As part of our wish to use our games to promote social interaction, you know, talking and laughing together, that sort of stuff, we have decided to discontinue the development of the Fyzuntu App. Despite weekly reported downloads lately of between 300 and 500  on the i-Tunes Store, we have decided to discontinue further development. It has already been removed from the Apple Store. It will still be available for a short time on the Google Playstore. If you download the app, be sure to get the lowly priced in-app purchase  of the Joker. This is an essential add on. The Joker is, of course, included in the non-digital version  available in Europe from Amazon at https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-fun-in-a-bun/fyzuntu-for-europe/ 

Otherwise, you can purchase it from our on-line store at https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/shop/

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