Terminology – terms used in Fyzuntu


Descriptions of the terminology, which is used, albeit occasionally, when playing the  Fyzuntu dice game. The following terms are not an essential part of the game, either digital  or non-digital. They have been coined just for fun. 


The Coconut was so named when it was rolled by a young lady staying at Coconut Beach in Pattaya in Thailand. When she rolled five no scoring dice, she cried out in a mixture of frustration and anguish “Oh Coconuts”. The term stuck in our terminology! This roll happens quite often drawing a cry of anguish from the roller and cries of delight from all the other players……… unless of course the players are playing for a team, in which case substitute delight with despair !


The Coconut if Fyzuntu Terminology
The Coconut


A roll of 5 dice, which results in any combination of 5s and 2s.

This scores NO points. 



The Coconut Plus in Fyzuntu Terminology
The Coconut Plus


A roll with the JOKER showing a 5 or 2 to give other players, if they are still in play, 10 or 4 points respectively.



The Hexagon in Fyzuntu Terminology
The Hexagon

A roll of five 6’s, scoring , guess what 30 points.


The Super Hexagon in Fyzuntu Terminology
The Super Hexagon

A roll of five 6s plus a 6 rolled on the JOKER to give a maximum score of 42 points.

As far as we know, the Super Hexagon has NEVER, NOT EVER been rolled! 

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 For the rules for playing the Fyzuntu dice game in English, please go to; https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-dice-game/fyzuntu-for-europe/uk/how-to-play-rules/

 For the rules for playing the Fyzuntu dice game in French, please go to; https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-dice-game/fyzuntu-for-europe/france/regles-de-jeu-fyzuntu/

 For the rules for playing the Fyzuntu dice game in German, please go to; https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-dice-game/fyzuntu-for-europe/deutschland/fyzuntu-spielanleitung/

 For the rules for playing the Fyzuntu dice game in Italian, please go to; https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-dice-game/fyzuntu-for-europe/italia/fyzuntu-regole-del-gioco/

 For the rules for playing the Fyzuntu dice game in Spanish, please go to;  https://www.fyzuntu-games.international/fyzuntu-burger-dice-game/fyzuntu-for-europe/fyzuntu-juego-de-dados-hamburguesa/fyzuntu-reglas-del-juego/


Fyzuntu - Keeping Family and Friends Closer.
Keeping Family and Friends Closer.


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