How to play


How to play Fyzuntu

    Aim of the Game: To score the most points with dice rolls over an agreed number of rounds.  The Red Dice: Players start by rolling the five red dice. If 5’s or 2’s are rolled, they are removed e.g., a roll of 6, 4, 4, 5, 2, gives a  score of 14. The red dice are specially marked to help identify those to be excluded when calculating the score and which should also be removed for the player’s next roll.

Player 2 then rolls the dice. On the first players next turn only 3  red dice can be rolled.

Players continue to roll their remaining red dice in their turns until they have no red dice left.

The last player with scoring red dice continues to roll until that player has no red dice left.

The Joker Token When desired to roll the Joker dice, the Joker Token is thrown into the middle of the table and left there until the end of the round to show that a player has rolled the joker dice.

 The Joker Dice: The white dice is the Joker. It can be played only once by each player in each round. It can only be played if a player has red dice left to roll.

                        All dots on the Joker count double.                                          

Rolls of 1, 3, 4 or, 6 on the white joker dice will add 2, 6, 8 or 12 points to the rollers score.

A 5 or 2 on the white Joker dice will add 10 or 4 points to the other players scores.

The Joker ALWAYS scores even if a player is eliminated from the round in that turn by 5s and 2s on the red dice.

The final scores for the round are then added to the overall game scores.

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Fyzuntu rules or how to play



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