Wordstep – a word game where letters and words score multiple times

The Wordstep Game is for two to four players in which letters, words and groups of words can score up to three times, sometimes with double or triple scores. Playing time is approximately one hour. The best score achieved in play-testing at the UK Games Expo was 114 points in a single turn but this is by no means the maximum!.

Wordstep game tiles shown in a typical game situation .
Playtesters putting Wordstep Game to the test at 2019 UK Games Expo
Playtesting at 2019 UK Games Expo

Further testing and development of the game will take place even though 80% of the play-testers said that they would prefer Wordstep over another household name word game. There’s always room for further improvements!

As always, thanks to all who play tested the game and the organisers and helpers in the play-test area. See https://playtest-london.blogspot.com/

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