CATCHUCAN – A board game where“Recycling counts but you can you be caught out!”

This is a game for two or four players in which runs of three numbers can be added or in some cases multiplied to achieve a winning score of recycled products.

Play testing  at  the UK GAMES EXPO at the NEC Birmingham.

Matt play testing at the UK Games Expo at NEC Birmingham
Matt play testing at the UK Games Expo
Play testing at the UK Games Expo
Matt at the UK Games Expo



  • Prototype Version 3

Following play testing at the Expo, the game has been given a recycling theme. Catchucan now has a scoring system involving “My Recycling Centre”, “Reprocesssing Centres” “Commodity Centres”, “Factories” and “My Superstore Group”. Playing pieces have also been revised to include recycling material imagery.

Our team is undertaking further development and play-testing continues!

  • Prototype Version 2

Catchucan now has individual playing sections, which can be placed down randomly by players at the start of the game replacing the fixed game board. This will help to make every game of Catchucan different from the last and reduce the size for display or  storage.

Mark Play-testing at the UK Games Expo
Mark at the UK Games Expo

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