The box lid for Fyzuntu Games' Catchaplane board game
The box llid designed by Sarah Lawrence

Catchaplane is a simple strategy game in which Airlines try to fly the most passengers to their destination while causing delays to competitors. Decisions vary between being the first to take to the skies with fewer passengers and land at Frankfurt to pick up passengers in transit or wait to depart with a full complement of passengers and hope to escape the attentions of  competitor airlines. Beware pilots that are not nasty but enjoy a bit of nip and tuck.

Cartoon from Fyzuntu Games' Catcha[lane board game.


We have identified cost savings in component parts . Mechanics to speed up game times have been introduced. We will also introduce more humour. Development will be undertaken through 2019. Production is planned for 2020.

Fyzuntu Games' Catchaplane prototype for UK Games Expo
Catchaplane prototype

UK Games Expo

This was the third year that members of the Fyzuntu team have been at the UK Games Expo,. This has proved to be rewarding and fun to be there.

Scenes from the Expo showing play taking place with Matt , who became a director of the company in July 2017.  Will the Legend, the 2017 Junior Fyzuntu Champion, assists him.

Will The Legend and Matt during a 3 hour play test session. Rob Harris of Playtest UK can be seen in the background.
Marky play-testing for Fyzuntu Games at the UK Games Expo.
Marky with thoughtful play-tester at the UK Games Expo


The game was play tested at the UK Games Expo. It was well received apart from one person, who  thought it resembled strategic ludo! Additional game mechanics have been identified, so a considerable amount of play testing remains to be done.

Play-testing Fyzuntu Games' Catchaplane at the UK Games Expo
Matt and Will The Legend in the Playtest Zone

Play Test UK

Reservations for play testing positions at The UK Games Expo  are at the sole discretion of Playtest UK and all fees go to a charitable cause.

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