CATCHADECKER – Bus Bonus battles

CATCHADECKER – A worker placement game. People mean profits and buses mean bonuses. The game is for two to four players and lasts about one hour.

Image of the Catchadecker Prototype two playing board.
The Catchadecker Prototype 2 Playing Board

Catchadecker is a simple strategy worker placement game. Bus companies compete to collect passengers to convey them to their places of work. Later they need to return them. There are bonuses and penalties along the way. Route planning is critical. Other buses can cause real frustration.

Playtesting was carried out at th UK Games Expo. As a result improvements have been made to the playing board. Playtesting continues.
Representatives fromPlaytest UK, ( ), ensured testing was very productive,

Image of play testing Catchadecker at the 2018 UK Games Expo
Playtesting at the 2018 UK Games Expo

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