Fyzuntu Games announces a new competition, The Fyzuntu International League Association ( FILA ) KO Cup. This is a team knockout competition for players associated to the League. 

This does mean playing two games per month but as we previously reduced teams to two, we hope that this knockout competition will partly compensate.
The Competition gives teams, who are way down in the League Rankings and have limited hopes of becoming the eventual International League Champions, a chance for Cup Glory!
The Online Score Reporting Form has been amended so that teams can indicate whether they are reporting a League or a Cup Match.
The proposed Fyzuntu International League Association Cup
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December News – Update

Our most exciting December News is that Additrapp Galactic, our new strategic numbers game for 2018, became available in December and is ONLY available from Amazon.

Look out for an introductory offer!


Sales of our first game, the Fyzuntu Dice Game Burger game exceeded our expectations in the run up to Christmas and gives us confidence to push ahead with further planned developments following our visit to the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair in January. ( ) If you do not yet have the pleasure of playing FyzUNtu take the first step and click on to

We will continue to playtest Catchucan version 20 so that it may be  ready for possible production in summer 2018 

 Another possible is the play-testing of Catchadecka, a worker placement game,  which means the prototype might be available for the next UK Games Expo in June ( ), subject to approval by Playtest UK (  ).

The Fyzuntu International LeagueFyzuntu International League

League champions, The UK All stars won just one match in December but still remain League leaders, whilst the Hong Kong Dragons move up a place to threaten. The Burnham Basilisks moved up four places to move into fourth place and are also now in contention.

 Wins,draws and losses plus the full results of all games played in December can be found at;

There are five pages to scroll down!

Team Rankings

The UK All Stars, continue to top the table while lower down the table the Generation Gap had their worst month ever, losing all 12 games. Check out the International League Table at

Player of the Month and Player Rankings

Amanda of The HK Phoenix
Amanda, Captain of The HongKong Phoenix

Player of the Month in our December news is Amanda, Captain of the The Hong Kong Phoenix and now playing out of Thailand. Amanda rose 5 places up the Players’ Rankings to reach eighth place. The closest contender was Emma of The Burnham Basilisks, who rose up four places.

 Captain of The Burnham Basilisks
Emma, Captain of The Burnham Basilisks

 Check out all the Players’ Rankings at;

The Titanic Competition

Helios, son of Titan and god of the sun.
Helios, son of Titan and god of the sun.

Check the Titanic results at

Sadly, the December news is that The Bangkok Trumpeters team of Tanawar and Teerapat reached a respectable total team score of 307 points so dropped out of the competition.

The Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge Trophy

The Maltese Mushroom Challenge Trophy
The Maltese Mushroom

The Maltese Mushroom competition starts again in December this month. Current holder Emilybelle will be trying to retain the trophy once again.

Emily, a UK All Star
Emilybelle of the UK All Stars

The results of the last quarterly challenge are at

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We wish all our players, supporters and readers a very happy and a very successful New Year, whether at school, at work or in retirement wherever you are.


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