The Fyzuntu International League Player of the Month in August


  • The winner had then to be decided on who scored in most game points in August.


  • So who could be the Player of the Month?

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  • As a by the way, we are also at the point of agreeing a contract for the forthcoming manufacture of our new game Additrapp Galactic – a mathematical calculation of inter-planetary exploration. Please watch out for further news!
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New Season- New Teams- New Leaders!

Another new International League Season started in August The Fyzuntu International League - new season

  • The Results

The new season got off to a really excellent start for The Burnham Basilisks who were undefeated in their twelve matches. The UK Rhinos did well in winning nine games and the Hong Kong Phoenix with eight games. See the Match Report Summary and all August’s results at ;

The new scoring system produced some interesting close results.

  • The League Table 

The Fyzuntu International League - New Team Rankings

The Burnham Basilisks achieved a top of the League place for the first time. The newly formed Burnham Badgers did well to achieve fourth place. The current League Table can be seen at;

  • The Players’ Rankings

The Fyzuntu International League -New Player Rankings

The top three places are held by Sam ( Burnham Basilisks), Mark (Saxon Spears) and Charlie ( UK Rhinos). The Rankings of all players can be seen at;

  • The Titanic Competition

The Titanic Competition - new season

Unfortunately, The Albion Eagles were the first team to be eliminated from this year’s completion  with just 271 game points and just one point short of our new team, The Düsseldorf Diamanten. The Titanic Table can be seen at:

  • The Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge Trophy

The new Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge

The new quarterly challenge competition began again in August with the top three leaders being Sam (Burnahm Basilisks) 258 points, Mark (Saxon Spears) 242 Points and Emilybelle (UK All Stars) with 239 points.

The competition has two more months to run, so will end with the October scores. In the meantime the new table can be seen at;

  • and finally…. a new functionality and request;

All score submissions will be acknowledged in future so teams may assure that their scores have been safely received. Teams are requested to submit  their scores as early in the month as possible. In the meantime thank you everyone for your continued support.


Happy rolling!

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The Fyzuntu International League - A new season.

The new Fyzuntu League Season starts on the 1st August 2017 and runs until the 31st May 2018.

The Titanic Competition starts again.   

The three monthly Maltese Mushroom Perpetual Challenge Trophy also begins this month.  

Teams now comprise of two players and The UK All Stars will be seeking to retain their League championship Trophy. There are also two new teams for this season. They are the The Bangkok Trumpeters and Generation Gap.

New teams can join up until the 30th November. The Ranking System ensures that late applicants will not be disadvantaged. Late joining teams will not be eligible for the Titanic Competition. Players will, however, be able to compete in the Maltese Mushroom Competition if they have joined  the League at the start of each quarter’s competition.

A revised scoring system has been introduced. The rankings will be even more competitive. For more information about this and about the Fyzuntu International League, including applying to join the league please click on ;

If you would like to keep up with news about the League this season please sign up below for our newsletters;

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